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What Is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies may result from accidents, sports-related mishaps, workplace injuries, and other factors. If you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency, visiting a Harker Heights, TX emergency dentist as soon as possible can help save your smile and oral health. Our team understands how stressful this type of situation can be and offers affordable, same-day emergency care to treat urgent needs. At ACE Dental of Harker Heights, we provide care for all dental emergencies, from toothaches and abscesses to knocked-out teeth and broken dentures. No matter the cause of your emergency needs, our team will do our best to treat you quickly and efficiently. Please contact our comprehensive practice right away following any damage that occurs to your mouth or jaw, even if you do not feel pain. We will work to get you in as soon as possible and help return health and comfort to your smile.

When Should You See an Emergency Dentist?

It is important to contact an emergency dentist right away if you suffer damage or an injury to your gums, lips, teeth, or jaw. Our skilled team can offer suggestions for relieving tooth pain and preserving your tooth or restoration until you arrive, and advise you on how quickly you should be seen. We treat all types of dental emergencies and some of the most common include:

  • Broken teeth
  • Toothaches
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth or restorations
  • Dislodged or damaged crowns or fillings
  • Injuries to the tongue, cheeks, lips, or gums
  • Broken dental bridges or dentures

Please seek care in the emergency room if you suffer trauma to your face, jaw, head, or neck. We can always work with you to address any dental concerns after your condition has been stabilized.

What Can I Expect During an Emergency Dental Visit?

When you arrive at our office for your visit, one of our emergency dentists will evaluate your condition and discuss your treatment needs. Given that every emergency situation is unique, we will take a caring, personalized approach when addressing your treatment needs. Our primary objective will be to help improve your comfort; however, we will also work to restore your dental health and the cosmetic appearance of your smile as fast as possible. Digital images may be taken to help us identify any hidden concerns in your jaw or teeth. Once the full extent of your condition is understood, we will explain your options and create your treatment plan. It is best to seek care for any type of dental emergency promptly since even small issues can lead to greater concerns if not treated in a timely manner.

What Happens After an Urgent Dental Visit?

Our emergency dentists will strive to complete your treatment during your emergency visit. But there may be cases where additional appointments will be needed. Aftercare instructions will be provided to help enhance your comfort as you heal, which may include taking antibiotics or pain medication. We can suggest ways to minimize the risk of future dental emergencies, such as using a sports mouth guard during athletic activities. Maintaining good oral care at home can also help to keep your gums and teeth healthy and lower the chance for emergency needs. The team at ACE Dental of Harker Heights will continue to assess your healing and recovery at your future dental exam visits.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

If you have urgent dental needs, the last thing we want you to worry about is finances. We work to take the stress out of dental emergencies by offering reasonable rates and flexible financial solutions. Along with accepting several dental insurances, ACE Dental of Harker Heights also offers convenient payment options, including low-interest financing plans. Our team will help maximize any insurance benefits you may have to help make your emergency visit more affordable.

Same-Day Emergency Dental Care for Your Family

Visiting a caring, experienced emergency dentist for urgent dental needs can help bring comfort to the situation and can mean the world to your health. ACE Dental of Harker Heights is here when you or your family need us most. We offer same-day emergency care for toothaches, broken teeth, and other urgent needs and will work quickly to get you out of discomfort and back to enjoying your smile. Please call our Harker Heights, TX practice right away if you or a loved one need fast, efficient care.

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