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What Is 3D Dental Imaging?

Digital dental x-rays offer two-dimensional images of your teeth and jawbone. But at times, a more detailed, 360-degree view of the mouth may be more ideal. ACE Dental of Harker Heights uses an advanced form of dental imaging known as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), which quickly captures 3D images of the jaw, teeth, nerves, and other oral structures. With cone beam CT scans, our skilled dentists can fully study the extent of oral conditions with heightened diagnostic ability. These 3D dental images also enhance our team's accuracy when planning for desired treatment outcomes. At our Harker Heights, TX practice, we use CBCT scans when performing a wide range of procedures, from tooth extractions and dental implant placement to restorative dental services. Talk with our team today to learn more about how cone beam technology might enhance the health of your smile!

When Is Dental Cone Beam Imaging Used?

Patients of all ages may benefit from the use of cone beam diagnostic imaging services. In children, CBCT can help us assess tooth eruption and jaw development and monitor changes in facial and dental structures as they grow. We may also use 3D dental imaging throughout the orthodontic process to ensure that the jaws and teeth are aligning as desired. Additionally, these advanced scans can be extremely helpful in allowing us to diagnose cysts, tumors, and oral diseases, and treatment planning for procedures, like crowns and bridges, dental implants, sleep apnea treatment, and cosmetic dentistry services. Given that the digital imaging process may expose patients to low levels of radiation, we request that women who are or who may be pregnant let us know before having these scans taken.

How Are 3D Cone Beam CT Scans Taken?

Our dentists may recommend 3D dental images during comprehensive dental exams. The cone beam scanning process is a lot like having dental x-rays taken; however, in this case, the CBCT machine will rotate fully around your head while taking highly defined images of your mouth, jaw, and head as it moves. Advanced oral imaging is typically a quick, comfortable process and can be completed in under a minute. As these images are captured, they are transmitted directly to your digital chart stored within the practice's computer system for our dentists to review.

What Happens After the CBCT Scanning Process?

At the end of the scanning process, our team will take a look at your 3D images. We will also explain what the images mean, show you areas of interest, and discuss any oral conditions or treatment needs you may have. Since these images show your teeth and jaw in high-definition, they can help you gain a greater understanding of your oral health. Our dentists can then work with you to help you make informed choices about your dental health and plan the services best suited for meeting your goals. As an additional advantage, CBCT images can help diminish the chance of complications during the dental treatment process.

Is 3D Dental Imaging Covered by Insurance?

If you carry dental insurance, our business staff will review your policy to learn if cone beam CT scans are covered under your plan. We will advocate on your behalf to help maximize your benefits, but there may be some out-of-pocket costs. A member of our team will try to estimate any personal expenses ahead of time and let you know about the affordable payment options offered at ACE Dental of Harker Heights, such as medical financing.

Advanced Dental Solutions for Your Family's Oral Health

At ACE Dental of Harker Heights, we take pride in offering the latest solutions in diagnostic dental services. Cone beam CT scans are used to screen for oral conditions affecting the mouth or jaw and may be used to increase our precision in performing diagnostic and treatment services. Find out more about the benefits of 3D dental imaging by scheduling a visit at our Harker Heights, TX facility.

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